Clay Cat Art Brings a Smile to Your Life

Handmade pottery with cat, dog, beach, botanical, and one-of designs both decorative and functional.
Unique ceramic stoneware and porcelain clay art made by potter Jeannette L. Jennings.
Currently available items can be found in Firecat Etsy Shop.

nesting plate set clay cat sculpture, black and white nautical star fish dish
Cat Feeding Bowls
& Plates
Cookie Jars &
Sculpture Cats
Visit Firecat on Etsy Beach Dreams
Nautical Plates
siamese cat plate neriage butterfly series la Mariposa handmade craftsman style tile business card holder cat for desk
Siamese Plates
& Bowls
la Mariposa series Handmade Tile &
Botanical Plates
Business Card Holders
Cats and Dogs
Pit Fired burnished cat Sculptures Dog plate in blue square 9inch vase and  planter cats cat clock
Pit Fired
Cat Figures
Plates, Bowls
Planters and
Wall Pockets
Clocks in Cats, Dogs
& Coffee Mugs too

How to Buy?

Visit Etsy store here here

Stoneware pottery Ceramics on this site are handmade by Jeannette using hand building methods including, coils, slabs, pinch, neriage with natural clay colors combined in both planned and random designs. Specializing in cat themed ceramic figures, custom home decor, and plates. New designer work with botanical themes, fish, vases, plates, tiles are made both one-of and in series. Firecat Pottery is limited production work, some items may not be currently available.  Please be aware that colors on monitors vary.

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